Little company,
big outcomes.

We’re a two-person team of software experts ready to make your project a success: whether it’s the Next Best Thing™, or making what you already have even better.

We consider ourselves polyglots, but we especially enjoy working with:
Elixir Rust Go Lua Lisp Ruby Azure GCP AWS Fastly Cloudflare … or whatever you’re using

Meet the Team

Alex Blackie

Portrait photo of Alex Blackie

Alex has over 12 years of practical software development experience, spanning tiny startups to companies in the Fortune 100, Shopify, and Wealthsimple. These experiences have provided him a unique insight into how software and business intersect, and how software can make or break a company.

He’s worked on everything from building a Slack competitor from scratch, maintaining huge legacy codebases, and working on high-security projects with tight regulatory requirements. Alex has a passion for the software craft and believes the simplest solutions are often the correct ones.

Dylan Kendal

Portrait photo of Dylan Kendal

Dylan has been a software developer for 11 years. After working for Shopify,, and others, he decided to start Linear Forest to help companies build better software. During his career, he has worked on a wide range of projects from constraint satisfaction solvers, to payment processing systems, web applications, and supply chain management systems.

Dylan is well-versed in a number of programming languages and paradigms, with a particular fondness for functional programming. He is passionate about crafting high-quality software, but puts a strong emphasis on pragmatism and simplicity. Dylan continues to be driven by the pursuit of learning and excellence in the field.

“You can pass a challenging or ambiguous problem space to [Linear Forest] and trust that they’ll do the exploration, planning, and execution that’s needed to get the job done.”

Thomas Kelly, CEO — Archetype Themes